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The first thing to learn about affiliate marketing is that it's just marketing. The same principles apply, only the medium is different. Of course, there are some specialized areas of affiliate marketing on the Internet that don't apply to traditional marketing, but for all intents and purposes, if you're a good marketer, you can be a good affiliate marketer.

The predominant area of accessible Internet marketing is affiliate marketing. Being an affiliate means you direct customers to a merchant website and take a cut of what that customer spends. Many online retailers run affiliate programs, so you wont have any trouble finding something to market. There are some areas which are more profitable than others though, and that's what this site is about. We promote one of the best affiliate programs on the Internet, and our interest is entirely focused on helping you make money.

In a broad sense there are six ways of driving traffic to a website:

Search Engine Optimization
Banner advertising - pay-per-click, pay per impression, pay per performance
Opt-in (subscription) e-mail lists
Ezines, article submission sites, and Directories
Pay Per Click search engines / banner buys
Unsolicited e-mail (spam)

These methods vary in effectiveness, and some are harder than others to use. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for instance involves a lot of research and development, but the traffic you receive from your work is all free, and it is the highest quality traffic on the Internet. When somebody searches at a search engine, they are pre-qualifying themselves. If you have a site that is optimized to rank for the phrase they searched for, you might see some of the traffic.

It's best not to spend too much time learning about banner advertising, PPC, opt-in E-mail lists, ezines and directories, they are all fairly self explanitory, and once you understand them, you understand them. SEO is quite different, always changing, and always a challenge.

Your best bet for producing high quality traffic is through good old fashioned SEO. To learn more about this skill, read our search engine optimisation page.
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