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Best Affiliate Program - 2004


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This page details our choice for the best affiliate program currently being offered on the Internet. Our deduction takes into account such variables as interest level, competition, potential returns, average payout rates, and program-specific benefits such as branded sale opportunities.

To cut to the chase, our choice for the best affiliate program available today is the Golden Palace Affiliates program. This is a relatively young program, and is picking up steam quickly, in large part due to its generous payout levels, and one special little aspect called gross revenue.

Here's the basic specs of what makes this a good affiliate program:
  • Paid on Gross numbers, not Net numbers. More on this later, it's very important.
  • 50% paid on your first month, 36% paid every month after, regardless of your level.
  • Branded casinos to promote.
  • No loss carry forward, month-to-month
  • Conversion incentives
  • Profit potential for the Industry is second to none, and retention levels for this casino group are outstanding.
Now, let's have a little closer look at each of these points, and you'll soon realize why Golden Palace Affiliates was the clear choice for our best affiliate program in 2004.

Gross Vs. Net - when an affiliate program pays its affiliates, the percentage calculation of the affiliates profits are based on a Net profit number for the client. Simply put, gross profit is the total overall profit from a venture, and net pay is the gross pay minus expenses. The problem in the affiliate realm is, net profits are a nice invisible way to skim off of the percentages that affiliates earn. Many casino affiliate programs take the gross number and deduct expenses like advertising costs the casino incurred that month, employment costs for compensating everyone at the company, production costs for, well, almost anything. You can see how easily your percentages are swallowed up by so-called 'net' deductions.

Golden Palace Affiliates makes a point of paying on gross revenue instead of net revenue. This means you are paid a percentage of the total money produced by the player, minus any incentive bonuses that the casino may have given them, not minus anything else. You don't have to pay for the casinos advertising costs, as you shouldn't.

50% the first month, 36% every other month, no matter what you make.

Comparing percentage payouts between affiliate programs, while important, is only looking at a portion of the picture. Affiliate programs often promote amazing payout percentages, only to stiff you with their fine print. What do we mean? Well, it's not uncommon to see a program advertise 30% commission, but when you dig further you realize you are only eligible for 30% if you have produced over 10 thousand dollars worth of sales in a one month period. If you produce less, you get less of a percentage. Since it may be next to impossible to produce so many sales in a month, the affiliate program gets to look real good on paper, while it's essentially worthless to the average affiliate.

To read the details on branded casinos, no loss carry forward, and profit potential continue reading about our choice for best affiliate program
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