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Why choose casino affiliate programs over other affiliate programs? This comes down to some basic math. We don't want you to get too caught up in percentages, but, obviously, they can't be ignored either. So, yes, casino affiliate programs have higher pay out percentages than other affiliate programs, but is there more to it? Lets see.

The major critiques of multi-level marketing platforms are over the inherent problems with every pyramid out there:

Market Saturation: An inherit problem with amway style multi level marketing techniques is that the market would be saturated if you had only a few levels.

This does not apply to an international Internet based multi-level program that limits itself to three levels. Market saturation would be next to impossible to reach. For example, someone signs up with amway in your neighborhood and get ten people under them. Those ten people all get then people under them, and those then people all get then people under them. Pretty soon you've a whole town selling amway, and nobody buying.

Online programs do not fall prey to this flaw.

Demand problems: Most programs are designed such that you have to have a product X, that gets produced before it is sold. You must choose how much X to produce, based on expectations of how many will sell, or the demand, or Y. If X exceeds Y you have excess product. If Y exceeds X your campaign fails to meet its requirements.

In casino gambling, there is no product, the demand has no time limitations. You cannot have excess X, and Y is a variable that defines how much you earn, but cannot be a lynch pin in your profit sheets, unless it happens to be 0.

A pyramid structure is an unstable basis, and a fundamental organizational problem.

This problem exists in the real world because of one thing: The Multi level programs that exist are only profitable for you if you become a top tier, and have many people under you, emphasizing the 'pyramid' aspect of the money making. This is flawed because you have a huge number of people at the bottom of the pyramid doing all of the work, but the money must be spread around the whole pyramid, so they are underpaid for their work.

Again, online casino multi level affiliate programs don't fall prey to this because of the fact that the majority of money makers are top level affiliates, not interested in working to attain sub-affiliates, but rather, interested in producing players directly as they are a direct line to very nice profit. The 'sellers' in an amway pyramid are doing a lot of work for little gain, and so immediately see the false value of pushing themselves up the pyramid. As a casino affiliate, you can make your living with nobody under you and never blink twice.
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