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The difference between Internet marketing and ordinary marketing is simply one of scope. You can apply ordinary marketing techniques to Internet marketing with great success, and indeed, some of the most successful affiliates on the planet understand this. Many times in fact, it can be the difference between a successful affiliate marketer and an unsuccessful one.

Marketing is marketing, if you can write copy, seek out appropriate customers, and employ a little elbow grease, anything is possible. Internet marketing as a term scares people sometimes simply because they feel that they must have to know everything about the Internet and how it works to be successful. This isn't the case, and although Internet marketing is an umbrella terms that does include some technical issues, the Internet has been around long enough for these to not represent any road blocks whatsoever for a non-technical affiliate. Not many marketers are also computer geeks, and not many computer geeks are also marketers, but there are a lot of Internet marketers in the world, and that math speaks for itself.

What we would like to do with this section of our site, is speak to the affiliate marketer in you. We want the affiliate marketer in you to realize that being on the internet does not limit you to only advertising on the internet. Many successful internet companies have been built around cheap ads in the back of multiple newspapers. Affiliates can simply choose a brandable domain (no dashes, just words and .com) and advertise however they wish. If you want to put flyers in your local bingo hall, then that wouldn't be a bad idea, in fact, that's a great idea.

Here are some more great ideas:

When a restaurant opens it blankets the community with flyers. When a website opens it should blanket its audiences community with flyers, even if the owner of the website and it's audience are not physically near one another. Word of warning, dropping flyers in Vegas might not be the safest, or best, use of your time.

Community newspapers, inexpensive advertising that reaches shut-ins, elderly, and housewives/househusbands, are a great way to get your message quickly and easily.

Study search engine optimization until your brain pops with the realization that it's not complicated to succeed, but rather, deceptively simple.

Continuously ad content to your site, in the form of articles, new, interviews, tips, whatever your audience might be interested in. Combine this content writing with your SEO skills and it will always help you make more money.

The point is, be creative, regular marketing is all about being creative, so why does it get left behind as soon as the task becomes a little more digital? No good reason. A creative person in Internet marketing can go far.
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