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Why GoldenPalace Affiliates?


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As we mentioned on the previous page, Golden Palace Affiliates promotes two of the most recognized brands for online gambling that exist, and

In addition, the program offers the most generous percentages, and a couple of other extremely interesting features, which should be very important to affiliates, though most affiliates don't put the time or effort into researching the programs they use.

Gross, not net - Best percentages anywhere

Golden Palace Affiliates pays on gross casino revenue as opposed to net. What does this mean exactly? Well, a great number of casino affiliate programs deduct marketing, promotional, and production costs from their gross revenue to produce a net number, then calculate your cut as a percentage of that net pay. Golden Palace Affiliates doesn't reduce the gross revenue number. They don't deduct for marketing costs, bandwidth, hosting, advertising, and the million other 'costs' that other programs deduct before they calculate your residual cut.

This is a major difference between programs. Other programs use the net 'buffer' to skim cash from their affiliates. They can claim anything they want as an expense off of the gross, and how do you verify how much they spent on advertising that month? The fact that Golden Palace Affiliates pays on gross is a huge plus, and we believe they are the only affiliate program in the world to offer this.

On top of that, Golden Palace Affiliates offers the best percentages of any casino affiliate program on the net. You get 50 percent the first month, and 36 percent every month thereafter, no matter how much you make. Lots of affiliate programs will advertise 40% on net, but look at the fine print, you would have to be producing tens of thousands of dollars of revenue to actually earn that percentage, and until then you'll probably get something paltry, like 15%.

Don't be fooled, making 36% on all of your players, on the gross, all of the time, is a much, much better deal than programs with graduated levels of percentages. And having to not deal with net cuts could account for as much as a 20% difference over other programs.

No loss carry-forwards month to month

What does this mean? Well, lets view it like this. Online casinos look at your entire group of players as one player. This means your total wins and total losses across all of your players define how much money you have coming to you at the end of the month. If one of your players has won 10k in a month, and your 50 other players have cumulatively lost 5k, then your balance is negative 5k. To earn any money that month your other players would have to lose more than 10k total, before the month ended. What no loss carry forward month to month means is, if your balance is at negative 5k at the end of the month, it gets reset back to zero for the first of the next month.

A number of casino affiliate programs would carry that loss forward, and the next month you would have to gain profits of over 5k just to start making money again.

Player sign up incentives - Better conversion

The Golden Palace Affiliates group of casinos offer some of the most enticing sign up incentives in the industry. If the casinos you're advertising offer great incentives to sign up, a bigger percentage of your traffic will end up playing, which means easier money for you. The casinos also offer no-nonsense landing pages. When they click through your banner, they end up on a page with sign up options and no distractions, increasing your chances of conversion.

Golden Palace Affiliates also offers a great variety of creatives (banners and other graphical ads) to its affiliates. The better your ads are, the more attention they'll get, and these ads are extremely professional. They even come with the tracking codes built in. It's a very easy to use system.

These are the real reasons we recommend Golden Palace Affiliates over other programs, they simply offer more and better ways to make cash, and are much more generous with their percentages and terms and conditions than anyone else in the game.
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